About Midnight Voyage

Midnight Voyage Productions LLC is built upon a model of collective ownership and management. We strongly encourage group participation, collective creativity, and mutual respect between artists, fans, and those who make everything happen behind the scenes.

We also strongly believe that Tennessee and the South as a whole are fertile grounds for a cultural renaissance, inspired by the collective creativity of human labor in harmony with Nature's beauty and power. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you feel that you would like to have a direct role in pushing forward a new musical and artistic revolution in Knoxville!

Be sure to check out The Midnight Voyage radio show every Thursday night on 90.3 FM in Knoxville to hear the latest and greatest in electronica, including live sets from artists sponsored by Midnight Voyage Productions. Listen online at http://www.wutkradio.com/listen.

Find out more info about the radio show and become a fan by visiting the following page:

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